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Sabre-toothed cat fossil

Fossil Finds

All over South America fossil deposits yield evidence of animals that lived there. However, it is North America that has one of the most spectacular fossil sites of this time. Many animals either originated there or migrated up from South America when the two continents collided.

The Rancho La Brea tar pits of California are an example of a 'predator trap'. Sticky asphalt is produced under the ground and seeps up onto the surface forming lethal pits of tar. When it rains, water collects on the surface of the pits, and unwary animals are attracted to it to drink. Once an animal wanders into the pool it becomes stuck slowly sinking into the sticky tar. The smell and sound of a stricken animal attracts predators such as cats and wolves. In turn, they too unwittingly become stuck in the lethal tar trap. Their bones are preserved perfectly in the tar, and can be carefully excavated and cleaned. The huge numbers of Smilodon and ground sloth bones have told us much about how these animals lived and behaved.

BBC News / Evidence

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