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Product/Service >>> Fossil Of Plants

Fossil Of Plants

All Age
Beautiful Fossil plant Alethopteris grandini - Out of Stock
Price 342.86 $
Code : 000141
Beautiful Fossil plant Alethopteris grandini The rocks, minerals and fossils we find all around us help us to understand the geological history of the Earth from its origins around 4,600 million years
Fossil Plants - Out of Stock
Regular 100.00 $  
Special 85.71 $
Code : 000016
Fossil PlantsThe algae have a fossil record that extends form the Precambrian to the present day. Some algae aree important age indicators and are used extensively in the oil industry. They present
Wood Fossil (big) - Out of Stock
Price 128.57 $
Code : 000050
Wood FossilThese amazing features are parts of trees which have been buried very suddenly by some natural phenomenon have become petrified (turned to stone). Originating from the Far East, they are
Wood Fossil - small
Regular 71.43 $  
Special 37.14 $
Code : 000023
Wood Fossil - small Fossilized Wood with a Wonderful Shape! A Moab Brushy Basin petrified wood fossilized in brown calcite and from the Triassic period. Wonderful growth rings dominate this ancient
Fossil Coral - Heliophyllum
Price 114.29 $
Code : 000030
Fossil Coral - HeliophyllumA solitary, sometimes colonial, coral, with open branched or adjoined corallites. The calice is shallow with long septa, sometimes reaching the centre of the corallite. Di
Fossil Phylum Cnideria
Price 14.29 $
Code : 000055
Fossil Phylum CnideriaHorn coral specimens that were collected from a stream in Indiana. The outside the specimens are quite worn but you can see the coral structure on most of these on the top. The
Fossils Plants in Quartz Amatrine
Price 142.86 $
Code : 000077
Fossils Plants in Quartz AmatrineAmatrine The color of stone is purple mixed with yellow. It is said to posses all the metaphysical properties of both Amethyst and Citrine combined, as well its own
Red Coral
Price 3.43 $
Code : 000078
Red Coral price bead per one The red coral lives forming tree-like colonies with irregular shape branches. It has a calcium skeleton which may reach a lenght of 2 feet, though normally is well under t
Fossil Heliophyllum
Regular 114.29 $  
Special 57.14 $
Code : 000091
Fossil Heliophyllum The rocks in southwestern Pennsylvania contain a wide variety of invertebrate, vertebrate, plant, and trace fossils. The following is a systematic overview of the types of fossils
Rice Fossils
Price 2.86 $
Code : 000118
Rice FossilsFusilinids are a group of single-celled animals belonging to the Phylum Protozoa. They secreted a protective skeleton, called a test. These animals come in many shapes and sizes. Some lo

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