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Product/Service >>> Rocks Minerals

Rocks Minerals

Everything you ever wanted to know about Precious Rocks & Metals, Minerals and Crystals is RIGHT HERE.

This site contains information on Gemstones, Crystals, Minerals, Precious Metals, Jewelry, Mythology, History, New Age Philosophy, Geography, Mining Sources and Religion. As Rock Hounds ourselves, the pursuit of knowledge about our finds is essential.

Moss Agates
Pls. Look at Relate Link
Code : 000132
This breathtaking beautiful bead is A great piece for jewelry designer and gem collector. It is crafted as Designer Shape and hand polished to show a nice glow. It is drilled as picture shown. 100 per
Palaeolithic equipment
Price 171.43 $
Code : 000056
Palaeolithic equipmentThe Mesolithic (Age 1000 – 6000 B.P.)When prehistoric man used a complex stone implement similar to that of the Hoabin hian culture an oval – Shaped unifa
Thai Antque
Regular 514.29 $  
Special 428.57 $
Code : 000025
Thai Antque
Mineral Carborundum
Price 7,000.00 $
Code : 000029
Mineral CarborundumThis spikey, irridescent material is not natural. Most specimens are man-made silicon carbide, manufactured for use as an abrasive, or when gemmy, as a diamond simulant. It occurs
Green Quartz
Price 142.86 $
Code : 000026
Green Quartz Green quartz can be produced in the lab by a modification of the process used to manufacture large, high-quality quartz crystals for electronics applications. The process involves heati
Quartz Bubble Inside
Price 128.57 $
Code : 000048
Quartz Bubble InsideWater bubble quartz enhydros like this stunning smoky altarpiece were formed by some estimates as much as 220-400 million years ago. The edges of the quartz formation crystallize
Price 514.29 $
Code : 000028
Price 48.57 $
Code : 000071
AmatrineThis is my quartz collection. The specimen sizes vary from single millimeter Herkimer Diamonds to a six-inch smoky quartz sheet. This page is laid out less formally than my other pages - I'
GARNET - Out of Stock
Price 3.43 $
Code : 000076
Garnet)Garnet actually is a group of minerals with the same crystalline structures which comes in a wide variety of colors. The different varieties are detailed below.Pyrope Garnet: One of the m
Lava Beads
Price 8.57 $
Code : 000109
Lava BeadsThese Lava stone beads are from Java.Beautifully crafted Lava Beads and Lava Pendants tofire up your jewelrycreations. The lava beads are carefully producedto maintain the energeti
Rock like cranium Dinosaur Parasaurolophus
Price 57.14 $
Code : 000119
Rock like cranium Dinosaur ParasaurolophusParasaurolophus (meaning "near crested lizard" in reference to Saurolophus; pronounced RP [ˌpæɹəsɔ&a
Black Hot Lava Stone Sphere Ball Crystal Rare
Price 214.29 $
Code : 000160
This gemstone sphere is brand new, fabulous look, polished. Hot Lava stonesphere would be a great addition to your collections. The item pictured is the exact one you will receive. Beautiful! XX L
Heart Angel
Price 428.57 $
Code : 000129
Heart Angel
White Rock
Out of Stock
Code : 000121
White Rock - Australia Small $25 / Out of Stock middle $35 / Out of Stock Big $60 / Out of Stock + Shipping cost $5
Huge Electric Blue CHALCANTHITE Cluster Poland - XXL - 2.7 LB = 1,22kg
Price 428.57 $
Code : 000161

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