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 :149:  Real Jurassic Park On Your Hand ! 
Product/Service >>> My Favorite Fossil

My Favorite Fossil

My Favorite Fossil Only One Fossil in Thailand
Tyrannosaurus rex tooth (2.5 inch)
Price 1,714.29 $
Code : 000053
Tyrannosaurus (pronounced /tɨˌrænɵˈsɔːrəs/ or /taɪˌrænɵˈsɔːr&am
Machairodus Giganteus or Smilodon - Largest True Saber-tooth Cat Ever - Sold!
Price 2,428.57 $
Code : 000159
Species: Machairodus Giganteus or Smilodon - Largest True Saber-tooth Cat EverSpecies description: Largest Saber-tooth Cat of all time (Bigger than Smilodon) with male members reaching 17-18"
Big Megalodon Shark Tooth (5 in.up / Huge 5 1/8quot;)
Price 1,057.14 $
Code : 000143
Big Megalodon Shark Tooth
Big Fossil Shark Tooth / Megalodon
Price 1,571.43 $
Code : 000112
Big Fossil Shark Tooth/Megalodon\\\'Megalodon
Raptor Dinosaur Egg
Price 1,857.14 $
Code : 000075
Raptor Dinosaur Egg'Raptor' dinosaurs roamed far and wide18:35 23 February news serviceJeff HechtSwift and deadly "raptor" dinosaurs - si
Fossil Dinosaur RAPTOR Track Footprint (Jurassic)
Price 450.00 $
Code : 000033
Fossil Dinosaur Track, footprint
Fossil Mosasaur Jaw  Teeth In Matrix
จำหน่ายแล้ว Sold !
Code : 000137
MOSASAUR JAW & TEETH FROM MOROCCOMosasaurus Tooth In Matrix Huge reptiles once ruled the sea! Mosasaurus anceps was a giant meat-eating marine reptile that grew over 45 feet long. It was a power
Green Blue Dragon Scale quot;Ammolite Gem Ammonitequot;
Price 2,428.57 $
Code : 000157
Very Pretty Green and Blue Ammolite!I SHIP WORLDWIDE! All international mail includes insurance!Buying from me is easy...and I ship fast!Satisfaction guaranteed. 40x33x 10-15mm thick piece o

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