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ฟอสซิลกุ้ง - Fossil Shrimp I

Fossil Shrimp - Lebanon - Cretaceous
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รายละเอียดสินค้า ฟอสซิลกุ้ง - Fossil Shrimp I

Upper Cretaceous - Cenomanian - 99-93 Million

Hajoula, Lebanonn

This is an extremely well preserved Shrimp from the Cretaceous, it is preserved in amazing detail showing the segments of the Carapace, Amazing leg detail and extremely good head and claws.  This is a beautiful specimen. 

This is a very elegant species with lots of fine detail preserved 

Please see the tape measure for overall dimensions


This is a BEAUTIFUL Carpopenaeus Longirostris fossil from Hajoula, Lebanon. It is from the Cretaceous Period which is approximately 65 million years old! The plate measures approximately 3-7/8 inches by 3-1/2 inches. This is an EXCELLENT specimen with AWESOME COLOR! This is an authentic fossil and it displays very well. Fantastic Detail! This is a VERY NICE Fossil! These fossil shrimp have become very difficult to obtain.